Limited Edition Jelly Press

Screen Prints

Screen printing has always been one of my favorite art mediums. I am so thrilled to introduce the first of my limited edition screen print series.

Each screen print is numbered and signed by Jelly Press illustrator, Chelsea Preston, and includes a certificate of authenticity. Numbers are distributed by order of which the order was received. 

*New Smyrna Beach screen print is currently in pre-order and will begin shipping early November just in time for the holidays!



No matter what your party affiliation is, we can all agree Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an incredible American hero for women's rights.

She fought tirelessly for equality amongst the sexes and this November, voting is the least we can do to honor her efforts and memory. 

We are so incredible fortunate to be able to have the ability to elect who we want in office - from local government all the way to our President. So get out there and VOTE


The New Smyrna Beach enamel keychain!

I have never been this excited to launch a new product!

Where are my

checklist lovers?!

Do you ever get to the beach and realize...oh no... I forgot the sunscreen.

Never leave the house without the essentials with the new Jelly Press magnetic Beach Day Checklist notepad!


A New Jelly Press Interview

Jelly Press illustrator and founder Chelsea Preston recently sat down with Bryon White of Yaupon Brothers American Tea Co. for the the second episode of the Save Local NSB podcast.

Tune in and hear about what Chelsea has planned for the future of Jelly Press!

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